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Choose one or many Russkys basic items with a special mechanism that enables outfit to transform into many combinations on-the-go


ROCK'N'ROLL 80s sleeves

BE FREE Shoulder Pads

NEON VIOLET Sleeves and Skirt Decoration

HAPPY puff sleeves


SUMMER PEACH Skirt Decoration


Select between several options of add-ons: skirt and trouser decorations, sleeves, shoulder pads, hoods, collars, charms, and many others.

- timeless add ons (designed and created by Russkys team based on community voting)
- exclusive add-ons  (produced by professional artists and fashion designers)
- bespoke add-ons (created in cooperation with well known brands and famous influences). 

Not only it is a fun concept and never ever eding fashion experiment, aslo a unique feature of the add-ons is that most of them can be mixed and matched with more than one basic item.  For example, the same pair of sleeves can be matched and worn with a little black dress as well as with a jacket; shoulder pads can be matched and worn both with t-shirts and a coat.


All styles are packed in a very special Russkys box that is fun to open . Every Russkys box is like a wish always A long awaited surprise.


Come back to buy new add-ons to experiment with Russkys basic items and new Russkys basic items to play with add-ons

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